Holaaa sweetie pieees!

Today I bring a few ideas if you want to bloom this Halloween

Here's some costume ideas if you want to check it out

Leeet's gooooooo!

  • Glam Skull
Temporarily removed costume, dead, and eyeliner image
This makeup is inevitable for Halloween and there is always a person who uses it, I personally love it.
  • Scary inspo
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This girls rock this halloween look using their normal makeup routine adding just a little blood.
  • Movie inpired
Halloween, makeup, and costume image Halloween and costume image
Violet (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) // Sadness (Inside Out)
  • I Just Love Coraline look
coraline, costume, and Halloween image coraline, Halloween, and makeup image
Everyone loves Coraline so , this is a perfect excuse to shine.
  • Pirate // Fortune teller
Halloween, makeup, and girl image Halloween, makeup, and pirate image
Their looks for me look kinda the same , but that doesn't matter in here , they look gorgeous
  • Vampire
Temporarily removed Halloween, makeup, and vampire image
I just drink vegan blood, dude.
  • Fairy
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Magical things for halloween appears and fairies are ready for it , if you love to experiment with makeup this is the sh*t.

Hope you liked this ideas , you can see my other articles