i can't believe i wasn't sure
didn't know what i was feeling
but why was that, when you were
always there for me, so caring?
i guess i should have read the signs
it was obvious we were meant to be,
but your golden hair and pretty eyes
didn't really mean a thing to me.
i realize now, that you're all i want
when i think about all the things
you said, the texts you read from me
through my tough times, my goodbyes
were always ready to hold my hand,
to wrap your arms around my heart
and keep me warm in the autumn.
you kept me in your locket,
waiting for the perfect time
to come around, now that it's here
you can finally see the picture.
i can't believe you were patient for
so long, and i didn't even see it.
all i ever wanted, was right there
standing straight in front of me.
but i was so naive, i thought
"it's just a friendship"; oh honey,
it was so much more than that.