there's a lot of places i would like to go, but i REALLY want to go to these places!

-kuressaare, saaremaa, estonia
you're probably saying "where?", estonia is a little country in europe and kuressaare is a town on the island of saaremaa! there's a castle there that looks so gorgeous and there is so much history there. i have family in estonia so i've been there before, but only to tallinn and areas around there.

-pärnu, estonia
this is a beach town in pärnu county, estonia! my relatives talk about their fun times there and i would just love to visit. fun fact: post malone performed at a festival there this summer!

-riga, latvia
i've never been to latvia, so it makes sense to go to the capital! it seems very beautiful, and i might sound crazy but i would especially love to go in winter :)

-somewhere on the south island of new zealand
i've been to a ton of places on the north island, so i would love to visit the south island!

-anywhere in canada, iceland, poland, fiji or the netherlands :)

-copenhagen, denmark
i've seen so many pictures there, and a lot of my friends have visited and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

-zanzibar, tanzania, africa
i saw many pictures here on instagram, and the water looks so crystal clear, and it just looks so stunning. i have always appreciated places with blue water, bc where i live most of the water is brown hahah.

-lima, peru and rainbow mountain, peru
i was also looking at photos here on insta and it looks veryyyy very pretty. rainbow mountain was also my favourite thing i came across and it seems unreal!