I want to have travelled a lot

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Travelling is one of the things I love the most, I've had the opportunity of being in more than 5 countries at the moment but can you imagine going to at least 60 countries? but REALLY knowing them, all the places and its secrets.

I want to have saved enough money and have a stable job

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I don't wanna be a millionaire, I want to have enough savings so I don't have to worry in case of unexpected events. I don't want to worry if I lose my job or anything. I want to find a job that I love, I want to be a successful engineer and work in things I really love. I don't want to work everyday not wanting to wake up.

I want my own beautiful house

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It's a thing, I don't want to worry about rent, I want to know I'm paying for something that is or will be mine. I don't want to worry about not liking the place where I live. I really hope I can achieve this.

I want to maintain true friendship

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I have friends and I love them, I want us to be all grown-up and meet every week not every now and then. I want to keep the relationship I have with them or making it even better.

I want to have pets

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I love dogs, I love animals in general and I want to keep having pets and giving them all my love so they can give me theirs.
Of course I want to be able of giving them a perfect life, not having any needs.

I want to be healthier and happier

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Health and happiness are some of the most important things and I want to improve those areas in my life. I hope I get some healthy habits and things that make me unquestionably happy.

I want love

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I want love in any form, children, husband, family. I want to be fulfilled by love, I want to know I'm loved every day and i want to be able to love more. Without love, life has no meaning.

I hope you like this post and I hope you share some of my goals, have a nice day <3