We all heard it before. โ€œCould you please lay your mobile down?!โ€

In this fast forward moving world that is social media addicted and always online, is it really easy to forget your soul and your body!

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The most time from a day weโ€™re online and on social media platforms. Personally, I love Instagram, We heart it and Co and I never really thought much about the bad sides that they could have.

But why is it so hard to lay your mobile down and why itโ€™s really important to do it?

If youโ€™re interested in this questions scroll down. โค

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Social media platforms are the websites where we can be what we want and who we want. The new dream jobs of many people are to be a big YouTuber or Blogger - sure this is a really cool thing but the danger is often underestimated - not only in cyberbullying.

Watch out!
Getting addicted to something goes often faster than weโ€™re thinking. When you can do no more things without checking your mobile itโ€™s getting dangerous.


  • Check one day how oft youโ€™re on your phone and write it down - in the evening look at your notes and think about it.
  • Have more self-control - I know itโ€™s not easy but when you caught yourself being on your mobile again for no reasons then have the force to put it away.
  • You donโ€™t need it always! The best moments you arenโ€™t catching with you mobile camera! - go out and experience it with your senses.

Why should I lay it down?

Not only that it is annoying for your friends or the persons youโ€™re around (we all know the one persons that are always on their mobile and you have no plan whether they're listening to your conversation or even having fun) - itโ€™s also not good for your body.

Too see always the newest and coolest thing that others have or do is not good for your soul and mind! More and more people in our generation suffering under a cyber depression - sure this doesnโ€™t mean that all people that sitting too much on their mobile become a depression but itโ€™s no rarity.

Give yourself a break from time to time - lay your phone down and do something with your friends or even alone!

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Thing to do instead

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  • meeting friends
  • read a book
  • do sports
  • do something creative
  • go out- walk around and may listen to some music (yes - listening to music goes about your mobileโ€ฆ but youโ€™re not on a social media site)
  • beauty- take a relaxing bath or shower and do a face mask

Basically, do something you love or try something new - all things that take you away from your mobile.


Think about who you really need to follow and also what you're liking!

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This article was written by @timasiarose on the We Heart It Writers Team.