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Who Is Mercury?

ginger, hair, and orange image Temporarily removed Image by Dafne de Fine Licht beach, beauty, and bikini image
Skin in golden tones and hair warmer than morning light. She is like a walking sunbeam.

How Does Mercury Look Like?

nails, nike, and shoes image glitter, highlight, and make up image lips, glitter, and beauty image cut out, dress, and fashion image
With a discreet makeup, blue details and a tight dress, she always wonderes what the day brings.

What Is Mercury Known For?

cars, orange, and porshe image aesthetic, orange, and telephone image nike, shoes, and fashion image orange, car, and theme image
With a talent of speaking all languages and always getting a good deal, she drives around fast cars with a mobile by her ear and gets gossip everywhere she can.

How Does Mercury live?

Image by Dafne de Fine Licht decor, free, and goal image old and orange image Image by Dafne de Fine Licht
Balconies and stairs there will always be many of where she comes from.

How Is The Planet Mercury?

Temporarily removed orange, nature, and aesthetic image desert, oasis, and nature image nature, mountains, and orange image
On Mercury the planet, the sun will always stand in the sky like a warm summer day. It will only dark for a few hours at night and the surface of the planet is always warmed up.

It was all about Mercury so far. I will do this about all my alien characters soon, so keep up and check out my instagram profile (dafnedefinelicht).

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