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One of the greatest things to do in autumn is to sit at home, with comfy clothes, a hot drink and watching a movie or a TV.Show. For today I'm showing you series to watch in autumn, hope you'll like it :)

Teen Wolf

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Scott becomes a werewolf and with his best friend Stiles they discovered a lot about Supernatural's creature and a lot of events and problems happen to them.
I love all the characters and the story plot is pretty good ! A series with werewolves and other "strange" creature, it puts you in the mood for Halloween.

Stranger Things

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One night Will disappears and Eleven appears and Will's best friends will try to figure ou what happened to their friend and about other strange things.
It was in my "Fall Favorites" article, I love this series ! It is certainly the perfect series around Halloween. The 1st season was incredible, (I was a bit disappointed by season 2 but it was still good). I can not wait for the 3rd season !

Pretty Little Liars

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Allison disappears and some years later, her best friends Aria, Emily, Anna and Spencer start to get troubles with A.
Honestly this show can be really creepy sometimes but is very good.

American Horror Story

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It would be hard to sum up the TV Shows, there's a new plot every new season... But if you like horror movies you'll like it.

The Vampire Diaries

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Peaceful life in Mystic Falls and one day, Elena meet Stefan and Demon Salvatore and discovers vampires and all the troubles with them. The first four seasons are incredible ! After... Anyway this is one of my favorite show ! I never get tired of watching it all over again. If you haven't watch yet, I recommend it ! Especially when it's autumn, to get chill at home with a TV Show.

Game of Thrones

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It would be hard to sum up this series... But it is a very good one to watch in bed with a tea or hot chocolate.


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To stay in the Halloween mood ;)

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