I remember, while growing up I never liked the way I was. I always compared myself to the other girls, never felt good enough. I felt little and insignificant, untalented and ugly when I was at school, surrounded by another people exactly like me. But I always looked at them as they were better.

I remember having my first crush. I remember myself being afraid to even look at him, to talk to him, to walk past him, because I was afraid he would see all my flaws and imperfections. I used to hide my true self, even when I was on my mid-teens. I never dressed the way I really wanted. I was afraid to look ridiculous in a cute dress or be laughed at by having my hair done in another, new way. I was afraid to talk, I was ashamed of myself. I was ashamed of the things I thought, the movies or books I liked, the music I listened to. I always cared what other people thought about me. Before doing something I always asked myself "what will THEY say?" and sometimes I didn't do the thing I wanted, even if it felt correct for me.
And once, at night, struggling to sleep, I suddenly realized it. You should never change the way you are just to fit in the "standard teenage girl" conception that everyone has. I started to love myself,to take care about myself, and to do what makes me happy.

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Today, as a 20 year old woman I'm still learning to be ME. I don't always wear makeup. To be honest, I don't use makeup at all, just mascara. Sometimes I have pimples and that's okay, it's my body doing it's things. I have to take care about them, and treat myself respectfully. Yes, I feel confident in my cute heels, and I will wear them with black pants and a cute top if I feel like it. The next day I may be wearing a hoodie and my forever-years-old converse. I just have to wear what I'm comfortable in... Yes, today I'm attending to a physiology lecture at my uni, I'm putting my white clothes on, I'm helping the patients at work, but at the end of the day, getting out of the library, with my hands full of books, I'll take off my heels or sneakers and I'll watch Wonder Woman or I'll log into my Marvel fan account. I'll draw my Steve Rogers fan art, I'll listen to Frank Sinatra and sing out loud "Oh sweet child o' mine" ten minutes later. I'll wear my old shirt as a pijama and I'll have that chocolate chip cookie BECAUSE THAT'S THE WAY I AM, AND I'M FEELING MYSELF DOING IT.

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To all of the girls out there, be proud of yourself. Don't feel guilty about the things you like. Grow with your talents. Don't hide them. Start doing that project, start doing that hobby you always wanted. Do what makes you happy, live the way it makes you happy. While you feel what you are doing is correct, while you feel that THAT'S THE TRUE WAY, don't stop doing it. You have all kind of talent inside of you. Everything you want to be... you can become it. Love yourself, treat yourself right. If you have a dream, a goal, don't stop working until you reach it. Don't let anybody bring you down... Know you are not alone. Raise your voices. Speak up. If something, somebody hurts you, fight back. You are fierce, you are heroes, you are the Wonder Woman of our generation. Girls. You can do it. You can do everything. I'm with you. I love you.
You have all the power inside of you. Know your value.

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