Personal Info

Name: Kim Da-hee
Stage name: Dahee
Line: 94
Birthday: October 26th
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 1,68 cm
Birth Place: Busan, South Korea
Languages: Korean

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Long light brown hair


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Doesn't have a fixed style; wears everything she feels good with;


Loves to go shopping and to go out with her friends. Likes to read fashion magazines and to dance in the rain in the middle of the city. Also, what she loves the most is to goof around with her boyfriend.

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Musical Info

Company: SM Entertainment
Debut date: 09 June 2014
Debut song: Lovely Hearts
Debut album: Behind Lovely Hearts
Fandom: Heartsys
Fandom's color: Yellow

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Only you feat Taeil from NCT.

Friends (groups)

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Close friends (boys and girls)

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Solar (MAMAMOO), Sunmi, Suga (BTS), Mark (GOT7)


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Taeil from NCT - They met when SM gave them the duet project. They started practicing their vocals together and eventually, fell in love with each other. When they became offcial there was a lot of hate but nowadays they are one of the most loved couples amongst all idols.