I love the environment. I love everything about it especially the ocean. What lies beneath it scares me but overwhelms me at the same time and I fuel that duality by watching numerous documentaries about sharks and coral reefs and so.

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In the midst of all that beauty and information, I see a lot of videos about how our waste causes a lot of damage. After consistent research about how our plastic kills marine life, I decided that I couldn’t love the ocean without feeling a great sense of responsibility to protect it. In a country where life without plastic is as foreign as walking on the sun, I took these simple steps to reduce my plastic waste.

Due to frequent busy schedules, I eat out very often and I purchase a considerable amount of fast food as opposed to eating at home. When I purchase fast food:

1. I try my best to not take plastic utensils. I would wait until I return home to reusable ones or, if my order does not require utensils (fries, burger, etc), I would simply use my hand.

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2. I reuse the disposable containers to store other leftover food items instead of disposing of them and purchasing new plastic containers to fulfill the same purpose.

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3. In restaurants such as KFC, they give you the option of choosing whether or not you'd like a plastic bag and/or condiment containers with your meal. I opt to leave both behind. I would put my condiments directly onto my food.

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With eating comes drinking, right? From to beers to juices at restaurants, I definitely partake but,

4. I began to use straws only in circumstances where I cannot help it. I began to open the lids on my fast food drinks, drink straight from the glass and drink my beers straight from the bottle.

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5. I recently bought a reusable Starbucks cup and I use it every time I purchase a drink. In addition, I use it to take my coffee, tea, and even juices to Uni.

5. I always carry a reusable water bottle, however, in cases where I forget, I purchase a bottled water with the intention of reusing it at least three times before disposing of it. Even then, I wouldn't dispose of it entirely. Sometimes, there are water shortages where I live so I fill them with water for later use.

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I do intend to reduce the amount of fast food I purchase. I plan to prep meals and/or snacks to take on the go.

To those of you who are trying to heal the environment, please remember that we will fail sometimes. Do not beat yourself up if you get a straw in your restaurant drink. Comfort yourself with the many times you previously rejected disposables.

Disclaimer: It is hard for me to try to further reduce my waste since my country provides very little opportunity to live a zero waste lifestyle. These are small, simple steps I took with the warmest intention of saving the babies in the ocean. I have learned that a little goes a long way. It is my hope that my passion inspires someone else. The less plastic used, the smaller the demand, and the smaller the demand, the less plastic that gets manufactured. Less plastic in our oceans!

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Good luck and happy reducing!

This article was written by @thisismybliss on the We Heart It Writers Team