How to create the perfect Sunday

Everyone enjoys a lovely Sunday afternoon treating themself with facemasks, a hot foamy bath, a magazine or book and a lovely drink.

Sundays are the days of rest, relax and fun.

Relax yourself, clear your mind and make it as fabulous as you wish.

Cheers to Sundays!

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Make every Monday lovely and less hard by pre picking your outfit. Oh darling, you will slay your Mondays like no other and you will feel and be your own #girlboss .

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As we speak about our outfit we can't forget to match it with the perfect details to make it even more compleet! spray your go to perfume, take your purse and put on those heel to concur your day.

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To make your Sunday even brighter you could spend some time in a flowershop and bring home some lovely roses or pionies to make your Sunday just on point.

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Every girl loves a good candle, especially during the colder fall days. Make your room as cosy and fall, enjoy the atmosphere with soft music in the background or a lovely romantic fall movie.

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Just as that without you realising it you will have the most amusing Sunday of all times.

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