Since we're almost halfway through October (saddening, I know), I figured I would share some of my favorites this month!

Angels of Death

anime, rpgmaker, and reachel gardner image anime, angels of death, and satsuriku no tenshi image anime, blood, and characters image anime, blood, and characters image

I've been keeping up with this dark and twisted anime. It's perfect to watch in the month of October! It's pretty serious for the most part with only a few comical moments thrown in here and there. Overall, I think it's definitely a different kind of story line and I'm interested to see how it ends.

Nickeloden Eye Shadow Palette

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I just recently got this palette for my birthday and I really love the different colors that comes with it. It's a favorite this month because I get to use it with certain costumes and outfits and look more Halloween-y than usual! Feel free to check out my review on this palette right here:

Hocus Pocus

abracadabra, Halloween, and hocus pocus image

There's no way you can get through this month without watching Hocus Pocus! It's just such a tradition for me to do every fall. It really puts you in the Halloween spirit! This movie also ties into my next monthly favorite.

Come Little Children

Halloween, hocus pocus, and witch image

After watching Hocus Pocus this month, I became obsessed with the song. I really love the nightcore verison of this which is mixed with The Hanging Tree from Hunger Games. If you wanna check it out:

Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Candle

autumn, candle, and fall image fall and candles image

And my last obsession of the month is the pumpkin pecan waffle candle from Bath & Body Works. I absolutely love it and burn it every chance I get!

Well thanks so much for reading my article!