Drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle.
―Stephen Curry

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Today's topic is something of utmost importance to our bodies. Drinking water. Now, I know that drinking 8 glasses of water a day can seem downright impossible to some of you (myself included) not only because we can't stomach it but also because life generally gets in the way. The solution?

Dear Mother Nature has blessed us with high water content foods that will help keep us more hydrated. Such foods must be eaten raw in order to get their full water content because cooking lowers that water percentage whilst causing the nutritional values to diminish.

Some of you might be thinking 'Okay, but why should we care if we drink 8 glasses of water a day or not?' The answer: Sister, you should. Staying hydrated has numerous benefits amongst which we can count:

  • moves oxygen and nutrients through the blood to our cells.
  • helps keep our skin clear and healthy.
  • eliminates or prevents cellulite.
  • flushes toxins from our body.
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Moral of the story.

Now that we know the 'why?', let's move to the 'how?'

💧| Foods with a high percentage of water

✦ cucumber (96%)
✦ celery (95%)
✦ radish (95%)
✦ zucchini (95%)
✦ red tomato (94%)

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✦ green cabbage (93%)
✦ grapes (92%)
✦ sweet peppers (92%)
✦ cauliflower (92%)
✦ spinach (92%)

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✦ strawberries (92%)
✦ watermelon (92%)
✦ grapefruit (91%)
✦ cantaloupe (90%)
✦ peach (88%)

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✦ pineapple (87%)
✦ raspberries (87%)
✦ cranberries (87%)
✦ orange (87%)
✦ apricot (86%)

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