Do you know the thought of never beeing enough? This thought which is always on your mind and never leaves? Do you always think that there is someone you have to impress and that you should or should not do something that actually would make you happy? The whole time you are under pressure and nobody can make you think differently.

Because hey, you are a girl. You have to be kind and cute all day. You are not allowed to wear a short skirt or short pants. You should not say rude words, you should not say what you think because that is rude and rude girls are not cute. And girls always have to be cute.

Girls should not wear make-up because they look good without but if they refuse to wear some they get asked if they are fine because they would look ill. Greasy hair is gross, hairs on your legs are too and don`t even think about not wearing a bra because that is gross as well.

Girls have to be in a good mood all the time and when they are not, they are basically on their period. But guess what... We are human beings. And all human beings are happy and sad and angry and kind. And no matter what society tells you.. Stay true to yourself. Wear the shortest skirt you have, forget make-up and try to remind yourself of who you really are. Because the most beautiful girls are the ones who don`t think about what others think.