What to do when you feel sad and everything is useless and purposeless? I guess we all know that feel, but all of us don't know what do then. Well I have ten tips for you which have helped me. I hope you find even one which is good for you.

1. Go for a walk

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2. Write about your feelings

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I have a bullet journal for this <3

3. Cry

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if it helps why not? you don't have to be ashamed of it

4. Watch a funny movie

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for example; Mamma Mia

5. Take a nap

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6. Listen to happy music

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for example; Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran

7. Dance

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style is free

8. Read a good book or articles from WHI :)

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and drink some cocoa <3

9. Talk with someone

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best friend, mom, boyfriend, internetfriend, pet, anyone

10. Go for a drive

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That's all! I hope you enjoyed my second article ❤

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