Sometimes I feel the urge to shed my skin and wear yours.
Just for a day.
That's how much I like who you are.
It scares me how much.

Sometimes I feel the urge to kiss your face.
Others, I just feel like slapping it all day.
Although, I know I'm lying.
I would never want to see you hurt.

Sometimes I feel the urge to let you go.
Just because I don't want to be there when you feel like letting me go.
But then, my soul smiles when you're around, so..
Instead of you, I let this stupid idea go.

Sometimes knowing you is the best thing in the world.
Others, you make me feel like a ghost.
It's strange.
When you have your eyes on me my whole world glows.
When you look away....

Sometimes I feel,
Sometimes I don't.

I know, that's a stupid thing to say.

Let's just kiss.