100 songs for October lets go...

Never Too Late - Olivia Nelson

Lunar - Franc Moody

Shallow - Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper

Uh Huh - Jade Bird

In the Stone - Earth, Wind & Fire

High Tops - Del Water Gap

Days - The Drums

Parents House - Kid Bloom

Heat of the Summer - Young the Giant

Carousel - Skylar Spence

Works Every Time - Mini Mansions

Candy Eyes - Jack Stauber

Buttercup - Jack Stauber

Vampire`s Kiss - John Gold

Ground - Wallows

On The Regular - Shamir

Latter - Sara Diamond

Hotel Room - Delaney Jane

Bee-Sting - The Wombats

Nightmares - Easy Life

Fred Astaire - Jukebox The Ghost

Loser - Jagwar Twin

All I Need - Cape Cub

I`ll Make It Up To You - Imagine Dragons

White Socks - Matija

Power Lines - Telekinesis

Simmer Down - Wild Front

I Would - Lower Than Atlantis

Tango im Treibsand - Käptn Peng

Neue Freunde - Käptn Peng

Drugs - Marco Aedo

Do Your Worst - Rival Sons

Here I Am - Dolly Parton, Sia

Rico Coco - NFC

UNO - Rex Orange County

You Worry Me - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Ohio - Caamp

New York Groove - Ace Freshley

In Green - Generationals, Sarah Quintana

Caffeine - Foreign Air

Better Off Alone - Two Year Vacation

Adored - LAUREL

Holding It Down - Low Island

Back Of My Mind - Two Feet

Anthem - Greta Van Fleet

Man On Fire - DNCE

Barcelona Girl - Corella

Picket Fence - Homebrand

Golden Meadow - Stuart Mavis

Dead To Me - Modern Me

One More River - Melo Moreno

Never Forget You`re Here For Them - The Sleepyheads

California - JRAFFE

The Siren - Graveyard

For Thursday - Will Joseph Cook

Losing All Sense - Grizzly Bear

Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Hell Of A Night - Jagwar Twin

On Fire - Oscar and the Wolf

Not Again - Kita Menari

Grit Your Teeth - Martin Luke Brown

Cocktailbar - FLUT

Deterritory - Young Jesus

Brothers On The Slide - Cymande

Let`s Go To Bed - The Cure

Evil Eye - Franz Ferdinand

Why iii Love The Moon - Phony Ppl

New Girl - FINNEAS

Me Gusta - Mikolas Josef

Look What I Found - Lady Gaga

Wonderland - Caravan Palace

Pulling Leaves off Trees - Wallows

Me, Myself and I - Vinyl Theatre

Sink - Cassia

Headcheck - The Million

Luddite - Naked Cameo

Deep Blue - The Hook

Counterfeit - Spree Wilson

Lolita - Throw Me The Statue

This Isn `t Who I Am - Football Club

Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

Over It - The Frights


Closet Lunatic - Caro


*Crisis Party - Chateau Chateau *

I`m Still Standing - Elton John

What A Man - The Grand East

Anywhere - Ciao Lucifer

Zero - Imagine Dragons

Ich geh heute nicht mehr tanzen - Annenmaykantereit

Sunflower - Rex Orange County

All Choked Up - BRONCHO

Laugh It Up - Quiet Oaks

The Flowers Beneath Your Feet - Laura Carbone

New Light - John Mayer

So It Goes - Declan Welsh and The Decadent West

Maria - Fripps & Fripps

Today - Omar Apollo

I`m In Love - Fool`s Gold

you can find all these songs in this playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/annamikey/playlist/64eDnGFpzh9FANbZmBDO68?si=9kTPBN1lSxWTjlomYKdc4A

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