Today is a bit about peace of mind and self motivation. I came to a realization through years that one should learn to relax, chill and recharge for a while inside all the running and disturbance coming from all over. Inside all the struggles one can go through whilst growing up, whilst knowing themselves, whilst running for their dream, whilst being challenged continuously. One should know the time to relax, time to heal.

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Like a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning, it can be any small thing that can suddenly make you happy. And we need it, we need that time to ourselves. After all its the little things that makes us happy. Little moments, little smells, little interactions. The fresh smell of coffee when you wake up, the thing that motivates you to start your days in the morning. And it really is an effective motivation, no matter what knowing that you are going to wake up to a routine, to something you love really helps the struggles, believe me.

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If we do not let ourselves treasure from these little moments around us, life will be unbearable at some point. We all need times to chill, relax inside the heavy thoughts in our minds, and finding these little moments, these little routines really helps. So give yourself time to relax, contemplate, think and stay without working or worrying for future for a while. Be sure that a relaxed mind is also a part of great achievements. I know it can be hard sometimes but i will try my best too, we all try in the end.

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good bye for today