Is almost obvious talk about the night, all the biggest writers did at least once, but the night deserves millions of dedications.
The night is the most alternative moment of the day because in that moment our emotions alternate.
Sadness, because of a wrong done, for shortcomings, for the past etc...
Happiness, for the simple magnificence that the night got, for people who made you smile etc...
Carefree, because tomorrow is another day you'll see...

At the same time the night makes us who we really are without mask on.

I love the songs listened during the night, i love words said at night, i love sex at night, i love humans at night.
During the night the world enters its own shell free by any thought and problem. Be careful who you meet at night, be careful who you become at night.
And don't give importance to: a kiss, a message, a word, sex, a bite, a smile, a cry, a desire, a cigarette smoked in company, a person, and to this page.
Don't give importance to all this when is done at night because the awareness of the day will come to ruin everything.