I'm not a fashion expert. In fact, it's not long since I've been interested in fashion. I have always been into beauty like skin care and a little bit of make up. However, the more I get interested in clothing the more things I learn.

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A few weeks ago I bought myself some white jeans. I also have a couple of white tops, shirts and see through sweaters. They looked really nice, but the only problem I had was that you could see my underwear and bra. Some wouldn't be bothered with that, but I'm really self conscious.
So what I did was I looked up a solution for that in this magical place called the internet.

For whatever reason, I always thought that wearing white under white will work like a camouflage, but oh boy I was wrong. From my research it turned out that the best color to wear under white clothing is nude. This is because it matches your skin color. Personally, I never owned a nude bra or nude undies since I would always go for whites and black and other colors of the rainbow.

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This is what wearing white and black under whites looks like.

My mind was blown and I had to try it out. I went into the shop and bought myself a nude bra and a few pairs of nude undies. i went home and to try it out if they would work when wearing my white clothes and guess what. It worked like magic! I really happy now that people don't have to see the color of my undies or bras. This is the story of how dumb I am when it comes to fashion, but I thought it might help someone. I still have a lot to learn 🤓

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Wearing nude color underwear also works for leggings. Some people don't like wearing thongs and nude undies work just perfectly. I would suggest to wear undies that have a seamless cut so the visible panty line won't show.

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