ayy, turns out this we heart it thing is highkey fun and therapeutic so i decided to try and write an article just to kinda try it out and maybe get to interact a bit

  • 1. A thing you cannot leave the house without?

I could leave my phone but I feel like that's probably what i bring with me the most

  • 2. Favorite skincare brand?

what even is selfcare tbh i don't even know the difference between... *tries to think of makeup stuff*

  • 3. Favorite Flowers?

ah i'm not really in to flowers either. kinda starting to regret this tag now

  • 4. Favorite clothing stores?
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umMmMM, carlings?
  • 5. Favorite perfume?


  • 6. Converse, Vans or Toms?
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vans all the way bby
  • 7. Do you get good grades?

if i'm interested i usually get good grades, if i'm not i'm always sooo close to failing

  • 8. Favorite colors?
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dark green, red and i know black isn't technically a color but hehey- that's what i usually wear
  • 9. Do you drink energy drinks?
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i think 95% of all energy drinks i've drunk have tasted similar to stuff you wash your dishes with, so i only drink it at emergencies
  • 10. Do you drink juice?
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sometimes, yeah. only orange juice tho
  • 11. Do you like swimming?
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nah, but i don't exactly dislike it either ya know
  • 12. Do you eat fries with a fork?
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yes, yes i do most of the time
  • 13. Whats your favorite Perfume or Cologne.

y0u alreADy Wr0Te tHis

  • 14. Do you want to get married later on in life?
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we'll see huehueheu
  • 15. Do you get mad easily?
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i don't know, i've been told that i am aggressive and i am an aries, if anyone believes in zodiac stuff
  • 16. Are you into ghost hunting?
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i would love to do some hunting if i had equipment for it!
  • 17. Any phobias?
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paper cuts (or really just any cutting)
  • 18. Do you bite your nails?


  • 19. Have you ever had a near death experience?
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not what i can remember, but one new years eve when i was a wild ass baby my dad was handling the fireworks and one of them like kinda fell over and was pointing at me, so my sister grabbed me and fucking yEEted to safety behind the stairs to the house's front door.
  • 20. Do you drink coffee?
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that was a lame last question but yeah, i do. only in school though. and only with like a minimum of 25% milk (plus three sugar cubes if available)