• Percy Jackson & the Olympians
boy and guy image new york, new york city, and ny image poseidon, percy jackson, and blue image Greece, blue, and indie image
(the lightning thief; the sea of monsters; the titan's curse; the battle of the labyrinth; the last olympian)
  • The Heroes of Olympus
aesthetic, blue, and hands image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed sky, storm, and clouds image
(the lost hero; the son of neptune; the mark of athena; the house of hades; the blood of olympus)
  • The Hunger Games
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed back, braid, and brown image Mature image
(the hunger games; catching fire; mockingjay)
  • Anna, Lola & Isla
anna e o beijo frances image Temporarily removed san francisco image fashion, boots, and dress image city, travel, and new york image art, drawing, and draw image
(anna and the french kiss; lola and the boy next door; isla and the happily ever after)
  • If I Stay
city, light, and car image Inspiring Image on We Heart It theme, grunge, and aesthetic image light, theatre, and photography image
(if i stay; where she went)
  • Mara Dyer
girl, water, and alternative image insane, grunge, and purple image boy, grunge, and blur image Image removed Image by t ouija board, ouija, and ghost image
(the unbecoming of mara dyer; the evolution of mara dyer; the retribution of mara dyer)
  • To All the Boys I've Loved Before
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed diner and vintage image winter, snow, and nature image
(to all the boys i've loved before; p.s. i still love you; always and forever, lara jean)