hey guys, I'm finally writing a new article, it's been so fcking long. today I'm doing one about different types of aesthetics. maybe this helps u find your aesthetic or gives u inspiration. <3


this aesthetic is kinda known as an 'instagram' aesthetic, (even though you can find all of them on instagram) because it's just very popular on there.

popular clothing items for baddies are something like a crop top, camo pants, tube tops, bodysuits & tight jeans or tops. for shoes you can wear vans or nikes, or literally any kind of sneaker

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make up
the eyebrows are very important here, they're usually very thick. Kylie's lip kits are also often used, her nude shades are very popular for this aesthetic. the highlight is popping and the face is contoured and the nose looks snatched. also you often see false lashes

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fashionnova is on the top of the list. prettylittlething, topshop, nike & some stuff from urban outfitters

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Kylie jenner is really popular for this look. for more inspiration you can also look on her instagram. Mabel mcvey & Madison beer also kinda have this aesthetic

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I really like this aesthetic & it's actually one of my fav. it's probably the 'cheapest' bc u literally can get most things at the thrift store or from your parents.

literally everything that looks vintage, is from the thrift store & kinda resembles the style from the 70s/80s/90s. mom jeans are really popular & nike Air Force 1 too. also vans and graphic tees

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make up
the make up is mostly really neutral, or even non-existent. maybe some orange eyeshadow and light bronzer & mascara and a base. but nothing crazy.

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thrift stores, like goodwill or just any where you live. urban outfitters also has some really good stuff. whitemarket is also a really cool for vintage looking stuff

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many youtubers have this style, for example Hayley Pham or Emma Chamberlain. Lana del ray also has kinda this aesthetic

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art mom

this aesthetic is also one of my favs, because I love art & I was always interested in Vincent Van Gogh bc we're both dutch & his story and art interested me. this aesthetic kindaaa resembles the vintage one, bc it looks a bit vintage, with just added art aesthetic stuff. (you might know this aesthetic under art hoe, but that's actually a movement & not an aesthetic so don't be surprised haha) :)

tees with drawings and socks with drawings, from for example Monet or Vincent Van Gogh. mom jeans with maybe some drawings. literally just creative stuff

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make up
it pretty much changes from person to person. some wear no makeup at all, while others wear a full face or neutral makeup.

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you can find good stuff at goodwill or whitemarket too. hotsox has some cute art socks and you can find cute artsy stuff on Etsy too (for example cute pins for ur backpack).

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Jim reno on youtube has this aesthetic & can actually paint really well

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this aesthetic kinda reminds me of Paris lmao idk why but yeah. black, white & neutrals are very important here

blouses, sweaters, skirts, skinny jeans, everything. but it's styled in a way that it looks super fancy. mostly white, grey, beige, black & light suff. jewelry (gold) is also an important factor, bc it makes your outfit look more put together

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make up
just simple, glowy make up. maybe a glossy lipgloss or nude or red listick. or no makeup at all again

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because it's a pretty simple style, you can find good stuff in Zara or urban outfitters. pretty much every store has light (white or beige) tops and jeans.

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James Charles is a good example, bc he dresses and decorates his house in black, white or grey tones.

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that's it! this literally took me a good and fresh while (oh no shister) but I'm finally done! I might make a second part with other aesthetics or other categories. if u want that, u can show by hearting, thxxx <3

ily and bye