"Enjoy your youth. Don't rush to grow up yet."

  • Here's 18 things I learned in my 18 years of life;

1. The child in you is like a flower, it'll die if not taken care of. Try to keep it alive as long as you can.

2. Having an ego isn't necessarily bad.

3. Tears aren't weaknesses, but rather, a limit that shows your breaking point.

4. When you see someone taking the picture of something, it might be because they find it pretty, but subconsciously they're either afraid to lose it. Or scared to lose the moment. For even memories fade.

5. If your soul is stained, don't try to reflect it on your stained wrist.

6. Life is like a treasure map - full of twists, turns, and traps. You might find yourself questioning the existence of the way out. However, truth is, there isn't any. You just have to learn how to walk through the difficult trails.

7. Feelings fade.

8. Most people you meet are temporary. There's nothing much you can do about it, it's just the way things work.

9. It'll take time for your heart to find its true place. Its home. Don't rush it.

10. No matter how hard you try, you can't do "everything". You'll miss out on certain things, but don't be to harsh on yourself. It's what makes you human.

11. One day, you'll find someone who will understand everything you have to say even though you can't figure out how to say it out loud. When you find that person, hold on to them and keep them close.

12. Not all graveyards are sad and gloomy. Try looking at the stars at night. They're the most gorgeous graveyard you'll ever find.

13. Dream about pursuing your goals before dreaming of marrying someone.

14. You will stumble upon someone you'll think is "the one" but they won't stay in your life for long. Learn to let people go.

15. Even though you do, you're gonna have to learn how to act like you don't care.

16. Lights will guide you home. On some days though, you'll have to be your own light and guide yourself home.

17. Pay closer attention to sunsets. Watch them as often as you can because they're the most beautiful endings you'll ever see.

18. You'll face various heartbreaks. But your first heartbreak will make you who you are. And there's no guarantee that it will be caused by a lover. Your heart could be broken by someone you least expected.