It's so nice to be back. I genuinely missed every single one of my friends. They're my family. I was shocked when I heard Theodore hasn't been back. He really upped and left and doesn't plan on returning from Oslo. I figured I'd split my time up between living in the sea and living on land. Maybe I can find a home on the beach. It'd be easier that way. I'll have a talk with Wesley about it. He spends 80% of his life on a boat. I thought he'd be a merman, but he is not. The sea animals are attracted to him. It's a beautiful sight to watch him interact with the dolphins, octopus, whales, jellyfish, and all other types of sea life. I miss him. I feel so far away from him. I had to come back, though. I am grateful they welcomed me with open arms. Any of us can be killed at any moment. I need to spend as much time with the people I love as possible instead of disappearing forever. I missed out on time with River and Vanessa and Aidra and I won't let it happen again.

All of us were hanging out at Faith's house. It's a beautiful home. Her parents are super nice. It makes me miss my blood family. "We're getting old. We're almost 23," Jasper stated.

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"Shhh don't bring it up," Yoshi replied. Leighton and Mabel were cuddling on the couch. Raven was sitting on the floor against the couch. Tatum was lying on her stomach on the floor reading a book. Marnie was sitting between Yoshi's legs. "I think it's about time we dye your hair," Matilda said to me. "I think you're right," I said, smiling. She grabbed my hand and we escaped to the bathroom. "Anyway you can make me a necklace or ring that'll prevent me from turning mermaid in water?" I wondered. I lost the other one in the move. "Of course....does this mean you're staying around for good?" she asked. I nodded. She hugged me. I hugged her back.

Someone knocked on the door. "Come in!" I exclaimed. Magdalena walked in, looking rather anxious. "What's wrong?" I asked, starting to get worried. "Please don't tell anyone else just yet...........I'm pregnant.....and there's more than one baby inside of me.....," she shared. I covered my mouth. Matilda started jumping up and down. "We're gonna be aunties!" she whispered excitedly, a bit too loud. "Aunties? I'm gonna be an auntie?" David asked. Magdalena forgot to shut the door behind her. He must've just walked in. We all just looked at him, unsure how to answer the question. "You're gonna be an auntie..or an uncle..whichever you prefer," Magda confirmed. He wrapped her in his arms. "Congratulations, sweetpea. You're going to be the best mom," he told her. "Yeah. You really are," I added. "Magdalena's gonna be a mom?!" Yoshi asked, standing there with wide eyes. "WHAT?!" everyone else chimed in. Then they all ran over. So much for keeping this a secret.