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Fictional Character Article number 1:

Let's start!๐ŸŒ—

.Name: Insaรญd Windsor

Insaรญd, it's really a strange name haha. Well, as I couldn't think of a creative name, I entered WikiHow and read some tips to think about a good name for a character, and one of them said that maybe you could think about a phrase/word that represents the character and write it wrongly so that it looks like a name. In this case, I thought that the word "Inside" would go perfectly, as Insaรญd is usually abstracted from the world, thinking about his stuff, inside his head.

. Age: 16/17

. Zodiac Sign: Sagitario

. Birthday: 24th November

. Looks:

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Dark hair, light blue eyes, cute smile, pale.

. Personality

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Insaรญd is not a social guy, he's only got five friends, one of them is her girlfriend. He is really into paranormal stuff, and believes in everything. He's really kind to his friends and family, but he isn't interested in talking to other people. He feels like missing time. He usually stays home and reads a little bit, he isn't really kind on going out.

. Tattoos and Piercings: He doesn't have any.

. Style

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Insaรญd wears simple clothes, he's never so fancy.

. Hobbies

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-He likes investigating about aliens, ghosts, paranormal stuff.
-He is sooo kind on space. He would like to work for the Nasa someday.
-He loves reading. His library is the hugest of the town where he lives.
-He enjoys a lot being alone, but he also likes to spend time with his GF or with some friends.

. Family

Both of his parents live with him. Only child.

. Where he lives

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He lives at a small town, where he knows everybody.

. Friends

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He is part of a group of five people (He, his GF, his best friend and two more friends, a boy and a girl)

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