Someone killed Jasmine. Her remains were left in my bedroom. I feel hurt and angry. After cleaning up the disaster, I called a meeting. We gathered around the table. "Hayden, I need you to tell me who did this. Penelope, I need you to update me on their lives. Ophelia, I need you to tell me who the blonde girl is that you snuck into my home without speaking to me first. Amber, you will be replacing Jasmine. You are my right hand woman. If you let me down, I will kill you. Simple as that," I explained. Hayden went to the room where the tragedy occurred. Penelope gathered her books, crystals, and potions and went to the living room to start the magic. Amber looked at me. "I'm sorry this happened. All my life I wanted to have someone like you around and now that I have you, I will do everything in my power to keep us a family," she said. I had a good feeling about her since the beginning. "I appreciate your words. Don't disappoint me," I told her. Then I turned my gaze to Ophelia. "I didn't tell you about Blue because you didn't tell me about Amber," she spat, crossing her arms. "First off, cut the attitude. Second, I don't need to tell you everything. I am in charge here. Who is Blue and how do you know she is safe?" I asked. "Because I just do. She's like us. She's a dark witch runaway. And I thought you'd like to know we made Faith fall in love with Jasper," she said. "Don't bring anyone else into my home without speaking to me about it first. Got it?" I asked, looking at her. She unfolded her arms and nodded. I already did my research on the new girl. She is safe to have around here. Ophelia is in dire need of a best friend, and I'm glad she got her. "You're done here. Why don't you go out with Blue? Don't do anything stupid," I warned her. She got up from the table and ran upstairs.

"What are you planning?" Amber asked me. I looked at her and smirked.

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"One of my favorite things to do is make the women get pregnant and then mess with the babies. They took Jasmine away, so now their lives will be challenged greatly," I explained. "I'll get the booze," Amber stated.

When they fight back, we fight back harder. When will they learn?