i feel broken inside me i feel halsey discribe me while listening to her songs like there is a power inside me wanna scream on those who humilite me and cheated on mebacause i was so naive with them i wanna hit myself for being like this idk why this costs me my love the only man i love in this earth who seems to it's impossible to love another beside him i write this i feel my eyes goona be full of tears like a river i cried a lot and talking to myself a lot why ogive too much while they give less idk actually what their desires
but i don't wanna be destoryed again id wanna live or even experience the pain again
i think im unlucky in love not once
i think im kind of person who stuck in the past memories who gonna live in the illusion instead of living in the awfull reality who hit me everytime i wear the rose colored glasses
til now i can't believe why i should lost my bestfriends and the love of my life halsey has the best version to express the pain inside
deep right here
i stay in the front of mirror and say im strong and i can not leave a bad chapter let color the other chapter in black
when i think about him his face come on mym mind and he's smiling like a little boy and feeling so comfotable just seeing him like in my mind left in a case of illusion and the things we do even the bad things seems so good it's so bad when yu love from the bottom of your heart and being fucked up when i think about you i can't controll myself from crying
you just decide to leave me
stay away for the love game because when begin playing innocently ended up hurting the most
i wear the grey glasses now .