lauv - the story never ends (piano version)

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"That’s who you are, crash the car and blame the road"

syml - where's my love

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"I got a fear, oh, in my blood she was carried up into the clouds, high above"

billie eilish - six feet under

flowers, rose, and aesthetic image
"Our love is six feet under I can't help but wonder If our grave was watered by the rain Would roses bloom? Could roses bloom Again?"

lewis capaldi - bruises

blue, sky, and aesthetic image
"It's your love I'm lost in Even though I'm nothing to you now"

kodaline - all i want (slowed down)

sea, beach, and pink image
"All I want is, and all I need is To find somebody, I'll find somebody Like you"

timmies ft. shiloh - tell me why i'm waiting

melancholia, sad, and crying image
"Tell me why I'm waiting for someone That couldn't give a fuck about me"