Hello all!
I hope you're all having an awesome day! for you's that don't know I actually have a pretty great following on instagram (3.3k and growing).

A big question I get a lot of the time is "how do you grow an account from zero to up in the thousands or even higher?"

here are my tips to hopefully start a successful instagram page;


1. Do NOT turn on business mode when first starting

- having your account turn into a business account lowers your reach. I'd wait until you have a little over 1k followers that way your account is boosted naturally.

2. use hashtags

- using hashtags is the best way to not only gain likes but it will gain you a solid amount of followers, especially to get you started.

instagram hashtag image

3. Don't over post

- it's true that you should try being active almost everyday but that doesn't mean you should post every 4 hours. If you over post you'll run out of content. when I first started I tried to post everyday, now I post about 1 or 2 times a month.

4. Don't be afraid to be daring

- get out of your comfort zone a take an edgy picture! a lot of your audience is a lot like you, so usually whatever you see as "trendy" so will they.

5. don't get discouraged

- it can be upsetting when your account isn't doing as well as you want it to. just find different ways to grow. for example, I use to like comments from popular celebrity post and gained about 10 followers in doing so. What's most important is that you have patience.

6. Pr lists

you won't be able to get on any big pr list (fashion nova, slush cult...etc) until you have about 10k But having 3k I've worked with Cocacola, Hello (teeth care), and many more other popular shows and/or brands. Approach business accounts and asl them politely, some will gladly put you on their list, others won't..thats okay!

I hope this helped you a bit! I have so many more tips I'd be willing to share. Also if you need some advice make sure to hit me up on instagram (xweekxd)