Hello you guys ! Hope you're all doing great ! So this week I'm back with a Disney tag, and it is how I would be if I were a Disney Noble. If you don't know, I'm non binary, and I embrace my feminine and masculine side equally, so in the 'Style' part, yes, I choose to wear both dresses and suits. Hope you'll enjoy !

Got the tag from this article ↓

✧•° Name

Eshe, meaning life

art, fashion, and girl image Inspiring Image on We Heart It dress, ballet, and dance image girl, hair, and beauty image

✧•° Age

17 years old

✧•° Appearence

hair, hairstyle, and headwrap image black, girl, and pretty image girl, flowers, and beauty image brown, fashion, and hairstyles image girl, beauty, and braids image girl, beauty, and black image
black coily hair, sometimes in long braids, metis, soft face, look older than i am, a bit curvy, deep black eyes, glasses, a bit androgynous, birthmark is a little cloud stain on my right hip

✧•° Style

hair, pretty, and Afro image Image removed gucci, pink, and suit image boy and pink image dress, fashion, and pink image dress, fashion, and style image
lot of white and creamy/pastel colors, soft materials

✧•° Pet

snow and fox image Image by Mad🐼Man
young fox named Ichiu

✧•° Crown

Image by aa Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image by Victoria
the first one is my special occasion crown, the second is my everyday one, the third one is my queen crown that i'll get to wear for my 20th birthday, and the last one is a gift from my dad

✧•° Palace

ancient, architecture, and art image castle, flowers, and palace image architecture and art image statue image building and palace image architecture, details, and travel image
medium place, huge gardens, a lot of ancient art, gold and pale pink accents, luxurious yet humble

✧•° Friends

Temporarily removed flowers, eye, and makeup image
urbi, best friend since i'm 12, fairie
Image removed sunset, sea, and beach image
tau, childhood best friend, wizard

✧•° Prince...

... is a princess, and it's Zendaya

zendaya, zendaya coleman, and dress image zendaya, beauty, and celebrity image Temporarily removed zendaya, braids, and beauty image

✧•° Power

flowers, pink, and rose image dog, cute, and puppy image
communication with nature (plants and animals), they're kind of my army, create a bond with every single being

✧•° Villain

Temporarily removed beauty, black, and girls image snake and black image moon, stars, and night image
my alter ego, who is trying to get out of my body by killing me with their serpents, for obscure reasons

That's it for today, you guys can check my last article right here ↓

Love, always.