hey guys, my name is Emily and this is my first article! I thought that I´d be good to start by introducing myself. I´m not a native speaker so sorry for my grammer mistakes.
But now, let´s go:


  • As already said is my name Emily but most people call me Emeley
  • I´m 15 years old
  • I live in Germany
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  • I learn english since primary school and I started learning Latin, French and Spanish in Higschool
  • I like to travel and I already was in Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Sweden and Southafrica
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  • I took part in an exchange last year where I travelled to Minnesota and New York City
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I´m so freakin in love with this time of my life and I would do everything to turn back time!
  • I have an older sister and a younger brother
  • My hobbies are swimming, reading, decorating my room, going out with my friends and organizing my school stuff
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  • I love Harry Potter
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  • I love my quotes collection
  • I´m a always smiling and laughing Person

That´s all for now!

I hope you liked my article and know me better now, if you want to know more feel free to ask :) - Emily