• Full Name: Madayna Jane Roberts
  • Nickname(s): Mad, Aya
  • Age: 17
  • Date of Birth: October 25
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Height: 5'0.5"
  • Ethnicity: Guadelupian, American, Canadian, Mexican, French.
  • Hometown: San Francisco


  • Hair
girl and hair image hair, curly, and curly hair image Temporarily removed hair, curly hair, and hairstyle image
She has long datk curly hair. Her hair is Always messy.
  • Eyes
eyes, aesthetic, and eye image brown, eye, and lashes image
She has got light Brown eyes & messy eyesbrows.
  • Face & Body
Temporarily removed girl, fashion, and city image aesthetic, girl, and indie image beautiful, beauty, and body image
She is a metis girl. She has dimples. She is slim & very not tall. She got such a pretty face.


  • Everyday
fashion image black, jeans, and grunge image black, grunge, and shoes image details, kindness, and merchandise image
She is Strange because sometimes she wears grunge outfit but also very cute things. She loves Doc Martens & hoodies.
  • At school
black top, clothes, and fashion image black, fashion, and kfashion image fashion, style, and black image rose, black, and grunge image
At school, she has to wear a red checkered skirt because she is the fire class, a black turtleneck top as all of the student in the witch section, a long black jacket & her Docs obviously.
  • For ball
dress, red, and Prom image black, fashion, and heels image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
For ball, she wears a red dresses & black heels.
  • For events
outfit, fashion, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and style image
She Always wears a costume who Always has a red element.


  • Every day
makeup, eyes, and beauty image Temporarily removed
  • At school
makeup, eyes, and beauty image lips, makeup, and red image
  • For ball
makeup, girl, and eyes image lips, red, and red lips image
  • For events
Inspiring Image on We Heart It lips, red, and lipstick image


Image by quisha qoute image Temporarily removed antisocial and wallpaper image
She is a kind & clever girl. She is very shy & anti social. She is also feminist & sassy as fuck.


  • Music
band, jin, and kpop image Temporarily removed
She loves singing.
  • Sport(s)
dance, ballet, and ballerina image sport, Basketball, and fitness image
She likes dance & basketball but she is not very a good player.
  • Other
Mature image art, drawing, and draw image
She loves skateboarding & drawing.


friends, girl, and party image book, witch, and spell image adobe, circle, and fantasy image netflix, pizza, and bed image
it Being with her friends, magic, fire, Netflix & food.


fairy, wings, and aesthetic image rose, water, and flowers image Image removed Temporarily removed
She hates fairies, water, horror movies but loves halloween & cooking.

Favorite color(s)

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed rose and attitudes image background, beautiful, and beauty image
Purple, dark blue, red, black & gold.

Significant Other

cameron dallas image
Her crush, Ace Ashton.

Old Halloween Costumes

Image removed Image removed


Temporarily removed dress, fashion, and black image study, coffee, and school image witch, candle, and witchcraft image
She is a student in a normal school, but she's also in a wizard's school. She is one of the witches's representative.


fire, power, and boy image Abusive image fire, newt, and OC image fire image
She got the Fire power. She also has witches' powers.


cat, coffee, and white image
Her cat, Mist.

Thanks for reading <3