My birthday is coming real fast so here are the things that i want to have :)

A rose box

rose, flowers, and red image flowers, rose, and pink image gold, rose, and flowers image flowers, rose, and white image
who doesn't love flowers ?

A camera / polaroid

canon, camera, and photography image camera, canon, and flowers image black, camera, and polaroid image Temporarily removed
to take beautiful pictures

Lady one million perfume

lady million, million, and perfume image Temporarily removed perfume, lady million, and paco rabanne image Temporarily removed
to always smell good

The PS4 pro

snapchat, gamer, and girl image gaming, playstation, and ps4 image dork, gamer, and gamer girl image comment, follow, and like image
a female gamer, hot isn't it ?

A tattoo

Temporarily removed Mature image alpha, eternity, and cute image scorpio, tattoo, and flowers image

A bag / wallet

LV, โฅ tล‚แ’ชแ’ชeแ–‡$แ—ฏล‚แ–ดeยฅยฅ โฅ, and ๐Ÿ’• image Temporarily removed gucci, fashion, and bag image chanel, bag, and fashion image

Victoria's Secret product

nails, heart, and pink image girl image pink, Victoria's Secret, and girly image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
all pink

Agent provocateur product

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed beach, body, and bra image fashion image
seduce and destroy


Temporarily removed money, audi, and euro image Michael Kors, money, and cash image cash and money image
money power and glory

A car

car, luxury, and mercedes image auto, car, and cars image car, luxury, and mercedes image Temporarily removed
riding with my homies

Go to a restaurant with bae

Temporarily removed birthday, luxury, and restaurant image Temporarily removed love, couple, and drink image
to spend a lovely night with the one you love

Make up

makeup, lipstick, and mac image makeup, lipstick, and kylie image makeup, nars, and beauty image makeup and mac image
everybody is beautiful (:


gift and surprise image food, kinder, and nutella image food image food and cheetos image
can't go wrong with food

hope u like it :)