Dear bestfriend, do you still remember me?
The girl you used to talk to when you weren't the popular and not as known as you are now?
I still remember you and how we layed underneath the stars, just Talking About everything that went through our minds, or how we build a snowman when we had no schoolbecause of the amount of snow that fel overnigt. I still remember how i cried at your shoulder when it was clear that my grandpa was about to die. I was there for you when you had your first kiss and your boyfriend broke up with you. I protected you from all the assholes that came near you.
To me, you were like the sister I never had.
But now you aren't there when I ask for help our when my demons try to drown me in a deadly sea of bad thoughts. you don't react when one of your Friends hurts me and I fight against ters. You look away, like it's no such a big deal. But it is and you know. So why do leave me so alone?
I know that I'm not easy and that it can be hard to be Friends with me. But why can't you even try to understand mme or at least tell me why to don't want to know me anymore. The only contract we have now, is smiling at eachother at the hallway of school. Or maybe a fleeting hey at the bus before the music starts to play.
So what has changed? Why aren't here and help me like you Always did? We know eachother for so many years and now we can't even talk like normal human beings do?
Please talk to me, don't push me away. I can't lose you to, that would break my heart…

Hello you guys. I guess you all can relate to the Feeling of losing a close Friends, you just become stangers and that is, at least for me, so painful and tragic. I have a quotesting for you, would you like to see more of that type of Content in my articles or should I stay at list of favss or something like that?
Wish you a Wonderful day and byyyyeee

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