Hi everyone ! How's everyone today?
I have the 6th abs day workout. The last of the mini series. This one is a little more difficult so you can build a little muscle in your abs, which burns off any fat that you have around the abs, it also helps to strengthen the abs too so you don't get hernias from doing any lifting of any sort. If you get a hernia that means a lot of painful surgery. Of course Day 7 is a rest day, so go outside and take a walk in the park or even a jog in the park. This is just so your body doesn't get lazy.. Sometimes when you take a full day off it tends to get sleepy and lazy so it's difficult to get back into it the next day. Ok here's the workout

--- Warm Up ---

  • 20 Jump squats
  • 20 Jumping jacks

--- Workout ---

  • 30 High donkey kicks
  • 30 Fire hydrants
  • 30 High knees
  • 30 Dead bugs
  • 30 Alternating heel touches
  • 30 Barbell hip thrust
  • 30 Incline reverse crunches
  • 30 L-Sit
  • 30 Medicine ball sit ups
  • 30 Renegade rows
  • 30 Single arm dumbbell lunges
  • 30 Swiss ball bird dogs
  • 30 Swiss ball piles

Good luck !