Light of his life, fire of his loins

Keep me forever, tell me you want me

Light of your life, fire of your loins

Tell me you want me, gimme them coins

And I’m off to the races, cases

Of Bacardi chasers

Chasing me all over town

‘Cause he knows I’m wasted, facing

Time again at Riker’s

Island and I won’t get out

Because I’m crazy, baby

I need you to come here and save me

I’m your little scarlet starlet

Singing in the garden

Kiss me on my open mouth

Now I’m off to the races, laces

Leather on my waist is

Tight and I am falling down

I can see your faces, shameless

Cipriani’s basement

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Love you, but I’m going down

God I’m so crazy, baby

I’m sorry that I’m misbehaving

I’m your little harlot starlet

Queen of Coney Island

Raising hell all over town

Sorry 'bout it

My old man is a thief, and

I’m gonna stay and pray with him till the end

But I trust in the decision of the law

To watch over us

Take him when he may, if he may

I’m not afraid to say

That I’d die without him

Who else is gonna put up with me this way?

I need you, I breathe you, I’ll never leave you

They would rue the day, I was alone without you

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You’re lying with your gold chain on

Cigar hanging from your lips

I said, “Hon’ you never looked so beautiful

As you do now my man”

And we’re off to the races, places

Ready set the gate is down

And then we’re going in

To Las Vegas, pay us

'Cause you know we’ll race this

Honey it is time to spit

Boy you’re so crazy, baby

I love you forever

Not maybe

You are my one true love

You are my one true love

You are my one true love

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