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May we all journey in mindfulness and compassion for others who have not yet reached ‘a certain level’ of awakening and transformation. If we always assume that everyone is doing the best that they can from ‘their’ life experiences and supporting them where they are, we can begin being more present to them without judgment/s. We can offer them thoughts from our own experience/s while understanding that their journey is their journey. By doing so, we provide the respective space for them deal with, encounter, engage and tackle their own life/issues without any spiritual, emotional and/or energetic manipulation; coming from our part. Superiority complexes are dangerous, no matter where they occur. Compassion and mindfulness are high spiritual tools and disciplines, that can change the world in a high vibrational way starting with You….Me….We. Showing compassion instead of judging is an art.
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Journey forward in light, mindfulness & power.