Hello, lovelies!

Today I wanted to do another fun challenge: the aesthetic challenge.

1) Time travel or space travel

car, vintage, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed music, vinyl, and 90’s image aesthetic, 90’s, and retro image
time travel

2) Roses or wildflowers

beach, ireland, and travel image rose, flowers, and red image rose, bath, and flowers image flowers, photography, and light image

3) Rainy days or stormy nights

socks, travel, and grunge image Temporarily removed fog, road, and trip image map and car image
rainy days

4) Swim in the sea or gaze at the stars

summer, beach, and pink image purple, blue, and hand image purple, stars, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed

5) Dragons or mermaids

mermaid, water, and fantasy image Inspiring Image on We Heart It mermaid, aesthetic, and water image Image removed

6) Movie theater or arcade

blue, cinema, and movies image grunge, indie, and marquee image chicago, concert, and music image Image by Allison Barloga
movie theater

7) Carousel or roller coaster

funny, live, and party image Image by LunaDɑsɑツ fun, sunset, and summer image Image by Ronni mills

8) Moonlight or candle light

moon, stars, and purple image purple, neon, and aesthetic image moon, neon, and wallpaper image aesthetic, anime, and gif image

9) Tea or coffee

Temporarily removed coffee, autumn, and fall image coffee, yes, and yummy image coffee, book, and drink image

10) Early bird or night owl

night, ride, and tired image Temporarily removed neon signs, photography, and signage image night, vans, and light image
night owl

11) Dogs or cats

dogs, animals, and puppy image cat, animal, and cute image Temporarily removed dog, animal, and puppy image

12) Werewolves or vampires

aesthetic, lips, and supernatural image vampire image

13) Makeup or no makeup

Inspiring Image on We Heart It makeup, mac, and cosmetics image makeup, pink, and beauty image makeup, beauty, and eye image

14) Silver or gold

glitter, mac, and makeup image balloons, party, and pink image hands, glitter, and silver image coffee, glitter, and grunge image

15) Tattoos or piercings

nails, tattoo, and beauty image Tattoos image tattoo, sun, and yellow image tattoo, rose, and black image

16) Curly or straight hair

hair image hair, hairstyle, and blonde image Image removed girl, blonde, and smoke image
straight hair

17) Christmas or Halloween

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

18) Fire or ice

rose, fire, and flowers image theme, rp, and archive image Image removed rose, fire, and aesthetic image

19) Pirates or ninjas

badass, feathers, and gold image

20) Rap or rock

Drake and drizzy image Drake, red, and tour image

21) Freckles or dimples

girl, beauty, and freckles image freckles, girl, and smile image freckles, lips, and girl image face goals, alternative, and girls image

22) Downtown or countryside

Alberta, downtown, and canada image Alberta, calgary, and downtown image Alberta, calgary, and downtown image Alberta, calgary, and downtown image

23) Short hair or long hair

hair, girl, and blonde image accessories, beautiful, and brunette image Image removed hair, girl, and blonde image
long hair

Thanks for checking out!