Hello my beautiful Hearters!

First and foremost I would like to say a massive thank you for hearting my previous article, 'Exams And How To Take Care of Yourself During Them', to 227 hearts (last time I checked). I was really amazed with the love that you guys showed me and the article that I wrote. It really made my day and I'm so grateful for that. Thank You!!

So, as promised, here is my article on Exam tips that will help you to not only survive but thrive and ace your exams. I know you can do it!!!

1. Palm / Flash Cards!

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I love using palm cards or flash cards. They are so easy to use, they are small, so you can carry and take them anywhere and I just find that it is easy to memorise your notes when you only have the most important things to remember on those flash cards. They made things so much easier for me, espically when I had to remember literally over 200 definitions for Politics and Law!

2. Mind Maps!

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Yet another exam tool that I use on a regular basis. The thing about mind maps is that it helps you to declutter and organise the mass amounts of information that you have to remember in such an organised and neat way. It also allows you to make your notes look colourful and pretty!! A tip that I learnt is that by drawing little pictures that relate to the information in the mind map next to the info, will also allow you to remember the notes as well.

3. Time Lines!

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If you are a history student or if you need to remember a lot of dates or the sequences of events (for example) in a novel, use a time line!! Not only will this help you to remember the key dates, it will also allow you to remember the key information or events that took place at that time. I liked this method because it helped me to calm down and stop freaking out for a second and just sort out the relevant dates and ideas/events that took place at that time. Life sorted!

4. Use color!

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A lot of people are tempted to use the standard red, blue and black pens to write their notes down with. I strongly suggest using every possible color of the rainbow when it comes down to writing your notes. It has been proven that if you write with color, when you are actually sitting down in the exam your brain will remember the information by first remembering which color you wrote that information in. So, not only will your notes look amaze-balls, you will also be able to remember your notes too. Bonus!!

5. Do practice exams!

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I know. You are probably thinking, " Why the hell would I do any exams before my actual exam?". What I found was that if you do a practice exam with the time that is meant for the exam (example is the exam goes for 3 hours) you can find out if you have good time management and are able to finish the exam. You will also be able to see what questions have come up in previous exams and then you can predict whether that question or that type of question will come in the exam you are about to sit. This should be able to make you see whether you need to work on your time management and help you to see what you need to study.

6. Revise!

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It is true. Reading gives you power and knowledge. The more you read over your notes, the more of the information you need for the exams will stay in your long term memory. This means that when you glance around the exam room and see the panic stricken faces of your class mates, who are trying to remember notes that they wrote the night before, you can calmly take a deep breath and just know that due to you reading your notes over and over again and not writing your notes at the last minute, you have totally got this exam in the bag. I also found out that when you are reading your notes, you can then see if you have missed any information that you need or if you need to clarify any notes that don't make sense. Believe me! I just looked through my notes and realised that I had left chunks of information that I need for my final final high school exams.

So that is it! I know that this article may seem a little short but I promise you that all these techniques that I have put down work! But the main thing is you need to find the style and techniques that are for you when it comes to studying. When you have found both the style and techniques that work for you, stick to them!! Before I go I just wanted to give you some advice. You, my fellow hearters, are so capable of achieving something great. So if you do this exam/s and ace it and are able to go on to doing a subject or a university or college course that you desperately wanted to do, you have achieved something great. You achieved your goal of aceing an exam and getting something that you wanted. And if you didn't ace that exam, you still achieved something great. You survived that exam! If you didn't get a good result in that exam, don't let it discourage you. Pick yourself up, apply some lipgloss and get on with it. You will learn from your mistakes and you will be able to ace the next exam that comes across your path. Let me tell you, I failed my modern history exam just a couple of weeks ago and I was devastated. But then I realised that instead of being sad about it, I can become more determined and make sure that I pass my final modern history exam.

I hope this article helps you. If I have left anything out or if you have any suggestions on things that I should include in my school articles or if you want me to write any other articles, feel free to message me. Or if you just want a chat then, hit me too.

Be confident and radiate kindness,
Brittany :) <3