because i can't settle

name ; ariel 'ari' mendes

age ; october 31st 1992 - scorpio (25)

profession ; actress

appearance ;

beauty, girl, and fashion image beauty, freckles, and model image girl, aesthetic, and beauty image book, girl, and hair image
pale, long brown skin, freckles, brown eyes

personality ;

sex and the city, depressed, and quotes image the simpsons, simpsons, and tears image movie and quotes image scream queens, emma roberts, and quotes image
funny, sassy, but super nice to fans, family & friends

style ;

  • everyday
shoes, nike, and aesthetic image outfit, fashion, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image purple, shoes, and aesthetic image
very casual & comfy
  • interviews
fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, girl, and outfit image Temporarily removed
smart casual
  • parties
vintage aesthetic, fashion style, and makeup and beauty image Temporarily removed clothes, clothing, and fashion image red, dress, and fashion image
kinda revealing, but classy
  • award shows
shoes, mirror, and aesthetic image dress, fashion, and black image black and dress image 90s, dress, and 80s image
super classy & sophisticated

known best for ;

american horror story, ahs, and series image stranger things, netflix, and eleven image riverdale image Temporarily removed
AHS, Stranger Things, Riverdale, Scream Queens

family ;

Image removed shawn, love, and mendes image
shawn mendes - brother

friends ;

Image removed emma roberts image stranger things, joe keery, and steve harrington image sarah paulson image
evan peters, emma roberts, joe keery, sarah paulson

love interest ;

Image removed apocalypse, ahs, and tv show image antichrist, michael langdon, and cody fern image cody fern image
cody fern

thanks for reading x