Kingdom's Name: Corona

Name Meaning: a circle of light that can sometimes be seen around the moon at night, or around the sun during an eclipse (a time when the moon is positioned exactly between the sun and the earth)


sun, aesthetic, and gold image house image moon, sun, and aesthetic image disney, rapunzel, and sun image

Royal Family

dance, aaron jhonson, and anna+karenina image Image by ☾𝕲𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖑𝖉𝖊☽ anastasia, duchess, and girls image dance, princess, and couple image
Kuran and Norendal


Image by 𝕷𝖀𝕹𝕬 aesthetic, castle, and Dream image castle image castle image
Island image
The house is located on top of a cliff and extends for a huge space forming a small state in its own right. The territory includes a forest with a lake and the coast with a small beach on the sea.


castle, autumn, and fall image christmas, theme, and winter image castle, germany, and romantic image castle and nature image
All seasons ruled by fairies


estate and downton abbey image servant image tea, aesthetic, and maid image Temporarily removed
Butler, Housekeeper, Valets, Maids, Chef de Cuisine, Tutors, Royal Guards, Royal Messanger, Chauffer, Coachman, Nanny, Nurse, Doctor, Dressmaker, Dance Teacher, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylist, Gardener, Sailors, Pilot, Orchestra

The Mansion



sea, house, and home image home image interior and room image 19th century, antique, and attic image


canada, decor, and design image california, for sale, and home image decor, design, and florida image decor, design, and dream home image


bathroom, interior, and home image flowers, bath, and rose image rococo image bathroom, interior, and home image

Master Bedroom

bedroom and red image blue, bedroom, and room image Temporarily removed aesthetic and bedroom image

Kenneth's Bedroom

bedroom, black, and room image bedroom decor, black, and dream room image bedroom, home, and bed image black, home, and interior image

Yuki's Bedroom

bedroom image light, bed, and bedroom image aesthetic, bed, and bedroom image aesthetic, amazing, and pastel image

Baby's Bedroom

interior, bedroom, and decoration image room image room image Temporarily removed

Kids' Bedroom

home, kids, and baby image home and bedroom image baby, children, and home image Image by Jurnaldedesign

Guest Bedroom

bedroom, home, and decoration image decoration, home, and room image interior, home, and room image bedroom and room image


closet, clothes, and luxury image baby, closet, and kids room image luxury, shoes, and closet image closet, clothes, and shoes image

Dining Room

rooms image interior, decor, and interior design image flowers image dining room and esszimmer image


interior, kitchen, and interior design image Image by h a n n a h kitchen, decor, and home image home, kitchen, and house image


Image by tenderlygirl Image by GIRL kitchen and home image kitchen, interior, and home image


rooms image house, home, and interior image decor, fresh, and laundry image laundry room image

Living Room

decor, design, and dream home image architecture, castle, and Great Britain image fashion image luxury image


plants, home, and decor image room, pink, and home image desk, room, and decor image desk, office, and plants image


Inspiring Image on We Heart It gym, luxury, and home gym image gym image Dream, home, and room image


architecture and italy image architecture, baroque, and elegant image vintage, luxury, and aesthetic image golden, ballroom, and luxury image


library, book, and oxford image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed book and library image

Music Room

music and violin image aesthetic, grunge, and piano image girl, piano, and vintage image Temporarily removed

Recording Studio

Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * mic, microphone, and music image

Art Room

art, paint, and painting image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed art, painting, and vintage image

Game Room

room image vacation, villa, and colorado image decor, design, and dream home image aesthetic and vintage image

Kids Playroom

Temporarily removed baby, boys, and cool kids image adorable, ball pit, and fun image attic, interiors, and kids room image

House Cinema

rooms image Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * home image Image by nokieturu

Make-up Station

light, room, and mirror image room, light, and luxury image room, home, and pink image room, bedroom, and home image

Dance Studio

dancing, dance, and aesthetic image ballet, aesthetic, and white image light, brown, and room image aesthetic, ballet, and interior image


fashion, aesthetic, and mannequin image dress, fashion, and style image dress, fashion, and luxury image design, fashion, and dress image

Servants Room

Inspiring Image on We Heart It home image Temporarily removed bedroom, room, and castle image


harry potter and hogwarts image Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • *

Astronomy Tower

Temporarily removed art deco, retro, and vintage image clock, art, and prague image stars, sky, and night image

Plants Room

plants, home, and house image Temporarily removed Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * decor, decoration, and garden image

Cozy Room

room, bed, and bedroom image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • *

Trophy Room

dark, indie, and vintage image witch image harry potter image skull and creepy image


Temporarily removed red, aesthetic, and chairs image aesthetic and lights image alternative, angel, and art image

Inside Pool

architecture, art, and luxury image luxury, pink, and house image pool, home, and house image pool, house, and luxury image

Main Hall

luxury, palace, and stairs image architecture, luxury, and travel image castle and stairs image architecture, france, and art image


Image by hecate aquarium, fish, and colors image fish, aquarium, and water image blue, fish, and aquarium image


Temporarily removed architecture and design image style image art, inspo, and white image

Inside Staircase

flowers, aesthetic, and house image room image room image Image by mattamanga


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * aesthetic, architecture, and beauty image


Temporarily removed awesome, culture, and india image castle image door image


theme, blue, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed architecture, gold, and aesthetic image


water, green, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and architecture image aesthetic, dark, and goals image black, blackandwhite, and branco image


door, vintage, and photography image rococo image door, white, and aesthetic image art, castle, and door image


Temporarily removed home and interior image vintage image window, aesthetic, and architecture image



indie, landscape, and nature image blue, flowers, and photography image arquitectura, templo, and rincon con encanto image aesthetic and viking image


winter, france, and snow image sea, travel, and beautiful image sea, room, and ocean image nature, flowers, and vintage image


flowers, garden, and rose image painting and santiago rusiñol image Temporarily removed hogwarts image


castle, flowers, and house image Inspiring Image on We Heart It castle, house, and flowers image Temporarily removed
Monet Gardens

Outside Pool

pool, luxury, and home image pool, summer, and photography image luxury, house, and pool image pool, home, and house image

Outside Staircase

stairs, garden, and nature image sea, aesthetic, and ocean image ancient, blue, and fairytale image autumn, architecture, and fall image


interior image architecture, vintage, and nature image autumn, fall, and nature image rose image


nature, gate, and gates image house, abandoned, and nature image car, house, and luxury image house, luxury, and mansion image


garage door spring repair image porte de garage image garage door supplier, door supplier, and garage builder image garage builder, repair service, and garage door supplier image


snow, winter, and house image winter image Image by blondechanel Temporarily removed


Temporarily removed architecture, magic, and medieval image aesthetic, castle, and greenery image hogwarts, harry potter, and castle image


Image by Shaun Nicholson barn, horse, and stable image horse, stable, and ranch image animals, equestrian, and barn image

Basketball Court

Basketball, city, and court image aesthetic, beach, and dusk image palm trees, sky, and sunset image sky and pink image

Tennis Courts

archive, green, and tumblr image girl, tennis, and travel image sport and tennis image sport and tennis image

Golf Courses

Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • *

Bowling Alley

stanley barber, stanleybarber, and iamnotokwiththis image aesthetic, nyc, and photography image bowling alley, bowling, and home bowling alley image Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • *

Outdoor Fire Pit

cozy, design, and garden image beach, home, and house image house, home, and luxury image garden, design, and home image


architecture, arch, and plants image flowers, rose, and garden image flowers, red, and nature image flowers, garden, and nature image


garden, green, and nature image garden, green, and maze image garden, nature, and green image green, nature, and maze image


nature and water fountain image garden, italy, and fountain image flowers, garden, and fountain image Image by Eugenia
Wishing Fountain


Image by Astrid garden and nature image greek image art, sculpture, and statue image


Temporarily removed flowers, swing, and nature image green and garden image Image by miiims

Water Well

backyard, beautiful, and flowers image Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * bucket, deep, and life image
Holy Well


Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by Sandra lake, nature, and Swan image Image by ☾𝕲𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖑𝖉𝖊☽
Saint Chapelle


cemetery, tree, and cross image Temporarily removed angel, aesthetic, and cemetery image adventure, autumn, and cemetery image


Image by c Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image by Carolfrigo
Royal Botanic Gardens

Rose Garden

flowers, window, and rose image flowers, rose, and red image flowers, pink, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed


Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * forest and trees image Image by Alessandra flowers, nature, and forest image
Evergreen Grove


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed pink, Swan, and flowers image Swan, nature, and water image
Swan Lake


Temporarily removed wonderland image Image by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Temporarily removed
Rabbit Hole

Fairies Glade

nature, fairy, and fairytale image fairy image fairy, fantasy, and tree image forest, light, and magic image
Pixie Hollow


light, home, and cozy image Image by Beka home, hammock, and boho image Image by mustafafadhil


light, house, and tree image cabin, wood, and warm and cozy image nature, forest, and treehouse image house, tree, and light image

The Secret Garden

garden, flowers, and lavender image asian, cambridge, and happy image door and leaves image flowers, garden, and house image


apple, tree, and nature image orange, fruit, and tree image apple, autumn, and fall image cherry, blueberry, and raspberry image


aesthetic image flowers, wedding, and rose image Temporarily removed beautiful, hipster, and indie image


Temporarily removed flowers, pink, and aesthetic image bridge, castle, and Dream image aesthetic image
Waterfall Bridge; Shaking Bridge, Sighing Bridge; Devil's Bridge


medieval and architecture image autumn, fall, and leaves image architecture, beautiful, and lifestyle image architecture, europe, and france image
Strolling Village


Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • *
Cocoba Hotel

Clock Tower

clock, flower, and spring image russia, kremlin, and Red Square image clock and vintage image beautiful, tower, and uhr image
Brocken Clock Tower


eye, fit, and hair image


wallpaper, aesthetic, and night image Image by nourelhoudahd Image by {V} autumn, light, and aesthetic image

Ferris Wheel

Temporarily removed adventure, aesthetic, and carnival image Image by laoura blue, carnival, and ferris wheel image


train, hogwarts, and vintage image train image
clock, Kings Cross, and london image
Southern Cross Station


flowers, nature, and aesthetic image pink, tulips, and flowers image flowers, holland, and netherlands image colors, flowers, and nature image

The Forest

big, explore, and great image forest image road, rain, and nature image owl image
Dark Forest


long hair, pagan, and ancient image Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • *
Cheerful Menhir


volcano, nature, and photography image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed nature, clouds, and mountains image
Maka Volcano


winter, snow, and christmas image road, autumn, and nature image grunge, indie, and hipster image Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • *
Island Loop

Old Railroad

fog, misty, and woods image nature, autumn, and forest image aerial photography, autumn colors, and forest image autumn image


castle, waterfall, and water image nature, amazing places, and wanderlust image nature, waterfall, and landscape image landscapes and natural image
Screaming Waterfall


green image flowers, nature, and water image Image by ☾𝕲𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖑𝖉𝖊☽ lily, pond, and water lilies image

Haunted House

Temporarily removed vintage image autumn, candles, and fall image autumn, eerie, and creepy image

Mountain Spiers

Temporarily removed beautiful, nature, and china image china, tianzi, and montanhas tianzi image landscape, nature, and places image
Icarus Rock

Ancient Ruins

mexico and places image Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • *
Ancient Ruins of Mistery


sky, beautiful, and clouds image day, Dream, and road image cliff, road, and landscape image blue, calmness, and car image
Tropical Boulevard

The Cliff

nature, stairs, and mountains image sea, ocean, and nature image adventure, aesthetic, and beach image Temporarily removed

Rock Arch

sea, cliff, and blue image sea, nature, and ocean image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
PIrate's Eye; Neptune's Ring, Triton's Ring

The Beach

Temporarily removed beach, summer, and sea image beach, travel, and sun image beach, nature, and rock image
Moondust Beach; Sugarsand Beach; Powder Beach; Starry Beach; Sweet Beach


bora bora, ocean, and paradise image Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * adventure, sunset, and travel image
Cabana Lagoon

Sea Crag

nature, sea, and ocean image Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * sea, ocean, and nature image
Sea Thorn Spire

Sea Cave

beach, inspiration, and travel image beautiful, sea, and cave image Image by Trusting No More brown, indie, and beach image
Starfish Cavern

Lil' Isles

geography, geology, and ireland image ocean, Island, and theme image ocean, sea, and nature image arch, landscape, and nature image


beach, boats, and peachy image around the world, beautiful, and harbor image aesthetic, boats, and color image boat, easter, and harbor image
Starboard Harbor


home image Inspiring Image on We Heart It armor, blue, and bretagne image Temporarily removed
The Candle

Fishing Hut

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed door brown grey image desert, sand, and ghost town image

Water Kingdom

italy, sea, and san fruttuoso image aesthetic, aquarium, and fish image ship, sea, and ocean image sea, water, and light image

Sailing Ship

Temporarily removed pirate, ship, and sea image fantasy, freedom, and ocean image pirate ship image
Sea Nymph


Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • * Image by * • .¸ ♡ ραsтεℓ ∂σℓℓ ♡ ¸. • *
The Sea Caddy


luxury, sea, and ocean image luxury, yacht, and rich image london, luxury, and yacht image beach, beautiful, and ocean image


Temporarily removed boat, sky, and lake image autumn, dock, and estate image aesthetic, lake, and random image

Hot Air Balloon

Temporarily removed aesthetic, balloon, and environment image aesthetic, building, and forest image balloon, blue, and hot air balloon image


Temporarily removed snow, winter, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It train, harry potter, and hogwarts image
Corona Express


princess, cinderella, and blue image carriage, gold, and theme image horse, carriage, and victorian image horse, carriage, and vintage image


cars, gorgeous, and luxury image cars, classy, and Lamborghini image Image by ★Kirakosyan016★ car, luxury, and Lamborghini image


car, expensive car, and big limo image luxury, rich, and plane image

Private Jet

luxury, rose, and plane image aesthetic, clouds, and goals image girl, fashion, and luxury image car image

Cruise Ship

ship, sky, and luxury image blogger, cruise, and filters image aesthetic, architecture, and beautiful image cruise, ocean, and ship image
Queen Malene