so I started this show because of Miguel & Jaime these two actors killed it in La Casa de Papel so I wanted more of them.

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(how can you not want more)

But the weird thing is what kept me watching was the stories of each character in this show and THE PLOT!!! it was awesome and just amazing 3rd time watching a Spanish tv series and they outdid themselves.
Furthermore, how can you see these beautiful faces and not be hooked 😍

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what I liked about the story is that in every episode you are absolutely sure who killed Marina then that last scene makes you question yourself and how in the first episodes they are like showing you how marina is a nice and drama free girl but at the end, she is problematic and toxic that's when you understand why they killed her at the first place (basically 13 reasons but instead of the girl killing herself someone murders her ) but the mystery was killing me that's REALLY what kept me watching

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this photo says it all

most liked characters?

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other than loving Guzman with Nadia and their perfect dynamic, to be honest in every show I fall in love with "the bad guy" that turns soft and loving and Guzman is one of them His personality and how he protects his sister and I feel he is like every other character but no he keeps somethings about him a mystery to find out later on like.he is adopted but they didn't show how he got adopted or was he fostered and I love how he cares about his friends I feel like he wants to be their rock and he deserves so much better than Lu okey she is good to him but I feel she bring out the bad side of him.
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this smol bean is just drama free boy he only wants to be happy with his lover but all the stuff that happens to him and how he tries to fix what everybody broke. even though he is Guzman's BFF but you don't see him being his pet he has his own opinion and doesn't need anybody telling him what to do that what I like about him. most shows but the closeted gay guy like insecure and doesn't have any personality but no Ander is different in that way he doesn't care what anybody thinks he does what he wants when he wants it he will get it.

best moments?

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this part was so funny and really interesting to see each character and their reaction to the newcomers.
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this scene was intense and well directed, I love how Guzman reacted he is his brother after all and how it took place in the poor part of town not to forget how they all escaped it was AMAZING when Guzman goes immediately to Nadia's Parents Shop and Omar chasing Ander to see if he is fine loved it !!!
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OMG how I wanted to scream at this scene like I was sad and angry and frustrated like how can you not seen it ufffff I can't talk about it, this scene was the best in the whole show and the worst one in the same way!!!


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the photo says it all
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this one as well

okay then see you next time
ps: first time writing a review hope you liked it if you do give it a like here some Collection you might like: