Hello everyone! It is actually my favourite season outside and I'm worried that it will pass too quickly so i decided to write an article about it.

Here are some tips how to make days last longer.

1. Wake up earlier.

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waking up earlier will give you extra hours to enjoy life

2. Don't overthink.

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Overthinking stops you from your everyday activities and can make you anxious. What's the point of wasting minutes on thinking 'what if'?

3. Find a hobby

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it can be watching, reading, painting, knitting- everything what you wish! Doing things you love distracts you from negative thoughts.

4. Spend time with loved ones.

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5. don't count time by days.

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don't look at calendar all the time and panic about 'oh my god, it is 14th october already!' Live like there's no time left, like you're forever young.

6. Read books.

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a good book can stop the time going for even few hours

7. Don't hurry.

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do everything slowly and peacefully, it'll make you less nervous and will help you enjoy the time

8. Try not to nap during the day.

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sometimes the need of sleep is stronger than us and i know something about it but sleeping during the day can take the few hours which you could use more creative

9. Don't put off things you could do today on tomorrow.

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10. Be spontanous!

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you thought about going on roadtrip a second ago? Call your friends and do it! You have one life.

That's all for today! Thank you for reading and leave a heart if you liked it, it mean much for me.
Happy fall!

And remember

The time goes forward and you can do nothing about it, you can enjoy every minute of life and every little thing or you can spend it by worrying while watching how it passes by. It is your choice.