When I wake up everyday, my day starts with me, getting off my bed, thinking of all the stuff that make me sad, like "I miss him", "she was never really a friend to me", "I don't have the money to travel the world and get the fuck out of here", "Another fucking day that's gonna be like all others", "I don't know what to do with my life, I've got interesting in absolute nothing" etc. And as this happens, my mood automatically strikes into misery, sadness.. I fight with the people I love, and guess what. Shit happens all day, like everything that happens in the day, is BAD. Like, you're cursed and shit happens all day. You break something, you hit yourself by mistake, Something you've planned gets canceled, Something you've wanted really bad, doesn't happen.You eat trash all day, that you regret afterwards, your only company is your phone that you spend your time all day at it, And you fall back to sleep, crying, or staying angry at yourself and everyone.
So today, I felt a little bit different. I woke up, and I said immediately: "Today I'm gonna choose to smile, and let all these motherfucking feelings, and thoughts that fuck up my mood, to back off! I'm gonna smile and be positive today, and let's see what happens" So that's what I did.
I woke up, I didn't think of anything that could make me sad, I tried to kick it away the moment I realized it tried to hit me, and went to the bathroom.
Wore my BIGGEST smile, took a big breath, washed my face and looked my self in the mirror, and I said "You're BEAUTIFUL, look at you! You can do anything, you're strong, and you're young! You, are, beautiful!" And kept the smile on my face for like 10 secs. Trust me, I felt sooo good with myself. I started my day, by eating something healthier than I used to. I did. And I said, NO dessert now, Nothing sweet. And guess what, I DID it as well.

For me this is a little achievement everytime I get to do things that make me a better person.
Later the same day, my brother was upset with me for something, and instead of fighting, and trying to get things worse, I smiled, I thought, I told him he is right, and I'm sorry, and it ended there. Otherwise we'd fight, and I'd cry and we'd be shit.

My day went so well. I got a job interview, I heard good news about a family member, I did my workout, and before I went to sleep, I prayed, and realized how stupid I am to get upset about little things that don't even matter in the end of the day, and I realized it, in JUST ONE DAY.

Day 2, Here I come!

Thank you for reading this thing that probably you don't even care about, But maybe you could try that as well! Right now, I'm drinking a healthy green tea, and I'm doing things I really like, like drawing and listening to my fav music.

And don't forget, Happiness is an inside job, you are responsible for how you feel, and if you're gonna be your thoughts's dominant, see how your life changes to the best. K bye!