***DISCLAIMER: my intentions aren't meant to be counterproductive to the "love thyself" movement (shameless self promo: i wrote about how to feel less ugly - check it out !!). standards/ideals of beauty are constantly shifting & they don't decide ur worth so don't let them.

I grew up with naturally full lips and then i grew into them so they weren't big anymore. when kylie came out the cuts w the injections, (respect to her for what she went thru w that one) everyone started wanting big lips cough cough - something black girls used to/still get shat on for - i suddenly longed to have them again.

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I have big teeth, so i've always wanted my lips to wrap around my teeth like hers do. - wierd asf I know lol
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WHAT U DO: Brush your lips all around at night before bed for about 2-3 minutes (it should feel tingly when done) and then lather them in petroleum jelly (vaseline) on them and then sleep. - another thing that has made my lips bigger is squeezing them together when I watch a show or something w/ chapstick on constantly. I swell easily for some reason so this one is big for me.
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HOW IT WORKS: brushing them induces blood flow to the lips, so when you wake up, that natural puffiness will be even bigger. *the vaseline is crucial in that it soothes the lips, moisture being pivotal to see results. I did this for a week and my top lip has rl gotten so much bigger permanently. doing this, especially during adolescence not only makes them bigger/fuller, but it makes them more pinkish reddish bc of the blood flow. so if u have a natural brown to your lips, this works well for that too.