• Full Name: Ornella Saskia Van Wood
  • Nickname(s): Nell, Nella
  • Age: 17
  • Date of Birth: March 30
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Ethnicity: Dutch, American
  • Hometown: San Francisco


  • Hair
flower, forest, and ginger image Image by 🌙ɱơơŋƖıɠɧɬ ƈɧıƖɖ🌙 bangs, girl, and redhead image hair and ginger image
She has long straight Ginger hair with a fringe.
  • Eyes
eyes, eye, and glitter image arch, blue eyes, and eyebrows image
She got light blue eyes & Ginger- blond eyebrows.
  • Face & Body
Image removed body, fitness, and motivation image grunge, eye, and pale image Temporarily removed
She has got an innocent face, a pale, slim & very tall body with freckles.


  • Everyday
Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
She often wears mom jeans, tank top & air force one.
  • At school
blue, white, and aesthetic image fashion, style, and outfit image Image by - Temporarily removed
A white skirt, as all of the students in fairy section, a blue shirt because she is in the water class, a long white jacket & white shoes.
  • For ball
dress, fashion, and blue image Temporarily removed heels and wings image fashion, glam, and heels image
Blue dresse & heels.
  • For events
fashion, outfit, and girl image aesthetic, bralette, and classy image fashion, outfit, and blue image fashion, style, and outfit image
A blue top because she has to represent her element & a classy trousers or skirt.


  • Everyday
makeup, eyes, and beauty image lips, beauty, and pink image
  • At school
Temporarily removed girl and lips image
  • For ball
eye, eyes, and make up image blue, lips, and lipstick image
  • For events
eye, eyeshadow, and gold image beauty, cosmetics, and fashion image


quotes, woman, and confident image alice in wonderland, book, and classic image elegance, empowerment, and quiet image sassy, classy, and quotes image
She is very confident, clever, quiet & also an elegant girl.


  • Music
aesthetic, asian, and chic image piano, aesthetic, and dark image
She plays piano.
  • Sport(s)
girl, sky, and sunset image Temporarily removed
She practices dance & swimming.
  • Other
book, candle, and cozy image vintage, aesthetic, and college image
Reading & writing.


flowers, spring, and vscocam image aesthetic, colours, and fashion image rainbow, colors, and water image aesthetic, blue, and hands image
Flowers, parties, magic & water.


autumn, cold, and fire image witch, book, and moon image Temporarily removed airplane, Flying, and plane image
Fire, witches, cats & planes.

Favorites color(s)

blue, slime, and maymuncuk image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, black, and flower image
Blue, red, white, yellow, green & pink.

Significant Other

cameron dallas, boy, and cameron image
He is Ace Ashton, only her crush. He is a human.

Old Halloween Costumes

Temporarily removed Halloween, girl, and green image


Image removed dress, fashion, and style image Temporarily removed wings, fairy, and gold image
She is a student in a normal school & also in a wizards school. She is one of the fairies's representative.


water, photography, and indie image Image removed aesthetic, glitters, and hand image blue, bubbles, and green image
She can control water & does a lot of things like all of the other Fairies.


animal, dog, and doggies image
Flower, her dog.

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