Namaste, peeps! Today I just want to write about how I feel about crushes. As you all are pretty good listeners (readers) I feel like I can share with you.

So, let's start...

1. I don't really have crushes

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To be honest, I always always start liking guys almost instantly. I mean, even if I only talk to them for one minute or they give me attention for like five seconds then I'm like: I like you. I still call it a crush because saying love does not feel so right but I start planning our wedding and all that stuff. Maybe that still falls under the defintion of crush but I do feel very attached to them more than other people for example.

2. Crush after crush

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I don't remember the last time I did not have a crush on someone. I keep falling for new people without even forgetting the old ones. I've had crushes on people for five years straight. That's crazy! I think I'm a hopeless romantic at least I think that's what you can call people like me. Plus, I am actually afraid of not having a crush because I know I'm gonna be so bored without them. I'm trying to get over that mindset, though. Peeps, don't make yourself so dependent on someone as long as you don't know how they feel about you.

3. I don't tell people about my crushes

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I don't know why and it's actually the dumbest thing to do. People should definitely share their feelings. I just feel like everyone's going to judge me for the crushes I have. I do have crushes on people my friends don't like at all. The last time someone knew about a crush I had was six years back and after that I did not tell anyone because the guy found out although I did not want to tell him. Awkward.

4. Most of my crushes disappoint me

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Most of my crushes are boys I know well so you might think I know what they're like. But lots of times, things just don't happen the way I want them to happen and then I'm so disappointed because we won't marry when we're a bit older or he won't get me roses for Valentine's day. I know that sounds so weird but I always expect them to do something which they don't do. Again a piece of advice from my side which I'm giving my inner self, too: Don't wait for others to approach you. Just do it yourself. It's your life and your story and you are the main character in it. You can't be passive in it.

Thanks for reading💙. I wanted to make five points but there was nothing left to add and I didn't want to add nonsense just for the sake of making the article longer :)
Remember you can always send a message if you feel like sharing something. I love to hear from you all.