Hey guys! this is my first article and I chose to write about my current fall morning routine. I’m currently in homeschool, so my morning routine will be quite different!

6:30 - First when I wake up, I stretch and try to drink water. After that, I rush myself to the bathroom where I use the toilet, do my skincare, and brush my teeth as well as do my wudhu.

6:45 - When I get back to my room, I pray fajr, do my dua, and quickly clean up my room. Since I’m doing homeschool I have a lot of time for breakfast, so I often enjoy having a big breakfast because having a meal in th morning is very important to me. So I basically have some breakfast and drink tons of water.

7:00 - Usually after this I will just go on social media, watch videos, check what’s happening or I’ll just read a book.

8:45 - at this time I will go downstairs to my first office, set my work up and get my supplies I need for each class, and check my emails. Class will start at 9 so I will wait or join the class a bit early.

From 9 - 12 I will have normal classes like social studies, english, and math.

So that’s my school morning routine I hope y’all enjoyed reading this as well as inspired y’all to have a more productive morning as it is very important. I love you guys have a good day!💗