My character Margo is sister to my other character Lex.

the basics;

name; Margo Kettleburn
age; 16


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Ocean blue eyes, freckles, pale skin and long curly black hair. A bit taller than her sister.

blood status;


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Slytherin; Margo often wonders why she was put in slytherin as she feels more like a ravenclaw.

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Margo is quite reserved and would rather keep to herself and her best friends. She is very clever and hard-working but is also creative and dreamy. She knows what she wants and is determined to do anything to get it. Very intuitive as well.

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Lex Kettleburn is her twin sister, if you want to read about her this is my other article.


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Margo, when not in the hogwarts uniform, usually wears cosy jumpers and skirts.


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When Margo is not in school or has free time she likes to practise and learn new spells, listen to music, write and play quidditch with her sister.


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Margo's best friend is Luna Lovegood, they have always been friends since first year. Margo is also very close friends with Cho Chang, the three of them always stick together.

favourite classes;

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Margo's favourite subject is herbology, she loves to see all the different types of magical plants and ingredients.

favourite professors;

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Margo admires Hagrid, Flitwick and Dumbledore.

favourite spells;

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amortentia scent;

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Fresh laundry, toast, vanilla scented candles and freshly baked scones.

extra curricular;

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Margo loves to play quidditch, she plays seeker for Slytherin. She is very competitive with her sister.

winged companion;

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Margo owns a grey/white owl named Digby.


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cedar wood, unicorn tail hair core, 11" and brittle flexibility.


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Her patronus is a weasel.